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To our friends out from Italy.

This site was created mainly because in the Italian language there is little material on microcontrollers and many other items. So it's an Italian site written in Italian for an audience of Italian language.

However, the knowledge is beneficial for everyone and it may be that some people speaking different from 'talian want to read some of our pages.

For this reason, we are providing the translation into English, which should be understood by engineers around the world.

We warn all the friends of these two considerations:

  1. The translation is not an immediate and probably will not be done for all pages, since the network offer vast and interssanti tutorial in English and can not be the case to add more.

  2. And, above all, none of the editors of the site is English and therefore it is likely that the translated pages partridge sounding in the ears of those who have the 'English as a mother tongue. We apologize of 'inconvenience and will welcome any intervention motion correction.

    The English-language pages are marked with the Union Jack.

While waiting for the translation of the remaining parts of the site, you can still see the Italian language and use the Google translator.


DC/DC power supply for breadboard and Uniboard


Tutorials - Electronic T&t - Electronic
TM1637: description and drivers TM1638: description and drivers
Tutorials - Informatic
Dot matrix LCD: CGRAM characters  
Tutorials - Microcontroller - PIC
Projects PIC Projects Electronic
999s Countdown Timer Precision Power supply 0-10V /0-1A
1000.00Hz Sinewave with microcontroller   2-5.2V Stand Alone Power Supply
Low power 4x3 keyboard encoder
A "different" PIC programmer

18-pin miniBoard

28_40-pin UniBoard






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