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18-pin miniBoard 



The design.

When making a circuit that uses an embedded microcontroller such as PIC, there has to be repeated each time a basic structure that includes some basic elements.


In fact, the microcontroller, to operate, require a minimal amount of external components, which generally are always the same.

They can be divided into 5 blocks:

  1. decoupling capacitors on 'power
  2. components of 'external oscillator (if used)
  3. reset circuit (if used)
  4. access connections to I / O
  5. connector ICSP / ICD


If you are experiencing circuits, is studying a function or creating a prototype, it is used to reassemble a time each time the same basis.

Surely a breadboard is the most practical, since the components do not require welding and can be reused several times. However, even this kind of assembly requires a certain time, which becomes sensitive when it has to do with components in many pin.

It would be handy to have available ready module that supports the PIC and just add peripheral components necessary for that specific experiment or circuit.
It can also be interesting to have something that can be used either stand alone, or a circuit on a breadboard or veroboard.

In particular, the 18-pin PIC (16F84, 16F88, 16F690, 18F1220, 18F1320, etc.) are particularly popular for its variety of built-in functions and the small package.

Hence the 'idea of a board, collect the basic structure that is at the boundary of a chip 18-pin without repeating all the time, immediately ready to be used both as a stand-alone general purpose, both as a macro-component.
And that also can support a bit 'of options, so you can experiment.

The result is this 18-pin Miniboard.

It is one thing minimal, very simple, but not simplistic, able to compete with commercial products such as the Low Pin Count Demo Board Microchip, despite being a single-sided, achievable at home, without great expense.


The description and pictures below should dispel any doubts.





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