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Dot matrix LCD : the CGRAM

Knowing how to read and write

So far we have talked about writing the CGRAM and DDRAM, but also allows the controller to read the data in RAM.

The reading depends on the RW line:

  • RW = 0 write
  • RW = 1 read

Then, to permit the reading of the RAM, the 'interface between the display module and microcontroller vdeve understand this line

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If, on the necessity of saving pin of the microcontroller, we do not use the RW line, linking it to Vss on the form, you can only write but not read.

The operations of reading the contents of CGRAM is done in the same way as the read operations of the DDRAM:

  1. you first need to send a command with the CGRAM address you want to read. This, as for writing, places the address counter to the desired point.
  2. then proceed by sending a read command that will return the value found in
  3. if you have to read several locations later, comes into action the 'automatism already seen, with which the controller forwards the address counter automatically

The structure of the read command is as follows:





Read data from CGRAM RS RW   D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0

Read a data from CGRAM

1 1   data to CGRAM

while the write command of 'address is the one previously seen:




Write address to CGRAM RS RW   D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0

Call an address in CGRAM for read or write

0 0   0 1 CGRAM address

Note that the reading or writing of a given use the same command for both the DDRAM that for the CGRAM.

The destination will be decided by the previous command request of address.

If you do not address this request, writing or reading will be sent to the current location contained in the count of addresses and return data read is not the one expected, or in writing, the data will be in a location other than as provided !

The data read from the CGRAM is composed of 8 bits stored in that given location that has been addressed.
Read more consecutive bytes of need 'update of' address, which happens automatically.

This ability to read and write allows for "improper" use of the RAM of the LCD module, as a volatile memory for general purpose. Thus, in CGRAM, if not filled with code symbols between 00h and 07h, can be used up to 64 bytes.

It is recalled that it is an area of RAM, the contents of which will be lost to the fall of the supply voltage.



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